First Post!


I’m back in the blogosphere! After 6 months of being in hiatus, I opened this new blog The Lazy Mama! Read the About page to learn why I called it The Lazy Mama.

If you’re still following me on Instagram, you must know by now that I’m expecting baby #2. Finally! After more than 2 years of trying, God has finally answered our prayers.

I’m on my 16th week now. I’m really relieved that my 1st trimester is over. I have to say that this pregnancy is harder than my first. Not that I’m complaining though. During my first trimester, I had nausea almost everyday. It’s a good thing I never threw up. The nausea came at night, not in the morning. Also, (this will be TMI) I’m soooo constipated I hate it. My skin’s breaking out too. I’ve never had this too much pimples before.

I’ve never experienced these things during my first pregnancy. I’ve been told maybe I’m having a boy. I hope so! 🙂 But of course, I’ll be happy to have another girl.

Anyway, I’m sharing here my week 14 and week 15 photos.

Week 14
Week 14

Week 15

Week 15

I haven’t taken a week 16 photo. Wait for it on my next post.

Thank you for dropping by and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

See yah!

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